OffRoad Racing

$15 Entry Fee First Event (all tracks)
$10 Additional Events (all tracks)

Registration Closes at 10:45 am (Saturday) 6:45 pm (Thursday)

Racing Starts Around 11:00 am (Saturday) 7:00 pm (Thursday)

Check for basic class rules

Saturday Offroad Classes (indoor)             Offroad Classes (1/8 outdoor track)
1/10 scale or smaller only                         1/8 scale and smaller (Check Calendar for race dates)

  • Rookie Truck/Buggy                            Sportsman Arena Truck
  • Stock Buggy                                      Sportsman Arena Buggy
  • Mod Buggy                                        Open Electric (truck and buggy combo class)
  • Stock Truck                                       Expert Arena Truck
  • Mod Truck                                         Expert Arena Buggy
  • 4-Wheel Open Buggy                          Open SCT
  • 2wd Short Course Open
  • Short Course 4X4

Thursday Night Classes for Offroad

  • Rookie Open
  • 2WD SCT Open
  • 4WD SCT Open
  • Open Buggy
  • Open Truck

Please call with questions (972)242-4930